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The 10 Best Titles Coming to Amazon Prime in December

The 10 Best Titles Coming to Amazon Prime in December

If there’s one thing we love about Amazon Prime Streaming, it’s that they always have such an eclectic mix of content to offer. They’re seriously stepping up their game in the original content department, we can always count on them introducing all of the best classics and blockbusters, and we’re constantly impressed by their more obscure picks in indie films, documentaries, etc. Luckily for Amazon Prime subscribers, this month seems to be more of the same.

Here are the best movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime this month:

Boogie Nights

Available Now

Mark Wahlberg stars as Eddie Adams, a young, hungry busboy working in a Torrance, California, nightclub in the 1997 cult classic Boogie Nights. Adams is discovered while working his shift at the Reseda by pornographer Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds). The movie is basically a three-hour-long foray into the strange and fascinating ‘70s porn industry, and also stars Julianne Moore as Amber Waves, John C. Reilly as Reed Rothchild, and Heather Graham as Rollergirl.


Available Now

In this World War II historical thriller, 20 of Adolf Hitler’s top men are conspiring against him to kill him and topple the Third Reich. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) is the man with the plan. Knowing that time is running out for the Germans, von Stauffenberg decides it’s time to put his plan to action and take out Hitler once and for all.

A Fistful of Dollars

Available Now

We’ve said it before: Clint Eastwood somehow keeps getting better with age. But that’s not to say he hasn’t always been incredible, and A Fistful of Dollars is a perfect example. In this classic Spaghetti Western directed by the father of the genre, Sergio Leone, Eastwood plays Joe, a sassy and cynical gunfighter who arrives at a small, no-name border town amid feuding gangs. Talented as he is, Joe offers his services to both gangs, neither of whom realize he’s playing them against each other for his own benefit. They think they’re using him, but in the end, he knows he’ll have the last laugh.

A Clockwork Orange

Available Now

Stanley Kubrick is one of the most brilliant directors of all time, and A Clockwork Orange is a great example of his brilliance. In this strange, dark, near-future satire, Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his “droogs” are obsessed with ultra-violence. They spend their nights getting high at the Korova Milkbar before setting off and terrorizing locals. After Alex is jailed for bludgeoning a woman to death, he’s subjected to behavior modification training to help him see the error of his ways. After he’s pacified, Alex is tossed to the wolves and well, let’s just say he doesn’t fare well.

Event Horizon

Available Now

Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill) is a scientist who designed a spacecraft that can explore the outer reaches of space. The ship essentially splits time by creating a black hole to travel through. After some very successful runs through the cosmos, the ship disappears, only to return to Neptune’s orbit seven years later. A crew is dispatched to investigate the ship, and they discover it may have picked up some unwanted guests in deep space. This is one of the best space horror movies of all time, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely give it a go in December.

Groundhog Day

Available Now

We’re months off from Groundhog Day at this point, but that won’t stop us from enjoying this Bill Murray cult classic. Bill Murray is Phil, a TV weatherman and giant jerk who takes all of the awesome things in his life for granted. After being caught in a mysterious snowstorm, Phil is forced to relive the same day—February 2, 1992—over and over and over again, until he makes a change and learns to empathize with people. Directed by the late Harold Ramis, this is considered one of the best performances in Murray’s career, and it’s an absolute classic.

Mars Attacks!

Available Now

We’re not getting a lot of Amazon Prime Streaming Original content this month, but we are getting some awesome classics. Case in point? Mars Attacks! The world is being invaded by big-brained aliens from Mars, and no one knows what to do. After the aliens kill the U.S. president and literally disintegrate congress, it becomes clear that these little green men do not come in peace, and someone is going to need to figure out how to fight them.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 2

December 5

The second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel also makes its way to Amazon Prime Streaming in December. Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a New York City housewife who discovers she’s a talented stand-up comedian, during a time in American comedy when most would consider it a total “boys club.” The first season was a hit, so we’re hoping the second is just as good.

Iron Man 2

December 25

In the second installation of the Iron Man franchise, the public becomes aware that Tony Stark is the man behind Iron Man’s incredible and brilliant suit. Stark comes under fire, however, when he is asked by the U.S. government to share his technology with them and refuses. It probably doesn’t help that a crazy Russian scientist, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), has developed the same technology and is using it for decidedly evil things.


December 27

Hereditary is a modern horror movie done right. We love the film’s plot, which surrounds a family who discovers they’re being haunted by their matriarch/mother/grandmother. The movie doesn’t go for cheap thrills, but still manages to be absolutely terrifying at all turns. It was rated the best horror film of 2018, and we definitely see why.