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Alternative Living Book

Alternative Living Book
Alex Strohl is a Madrid-born, French photographer that strives to capture authentic moments as they unfold before him. With features in everything from Forbes to Vanity Fair, and a client list that ranges from Apple to Facebook, it’s safe to say that Strohl knows what he’s doing when it comes to fantastic pictures. His latest book release, Alternative Living, offers a glimpse into the lives of people that live on the outskirts of society. In order to make this happen, he spent four months on the road with his wife living out of a modified car equipped with solar panels and shower, fridge and a roof top tent. On the road they journeyed through France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and even past the arctic circle in Norway. This Alternative Living Book tells the story of the entire journey across 120 pages of 100lb Coronado Bright White paper that’s been bound in a hardcover format.
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