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Non-Alcoholic Beer for 2024: 10 Cans for a Hangover-Free Summer

Once an afterthought at best, breweries are now making non-alcoholic beers in many styles that are just as delicious as traditional beers.


Regardless of your sobriety status, there has never been a better time to reach for a non-alcoholic beer. After nearly 100 years of iterations, we’re as close as ever to the perfect NA beer.

The first non-alcoholic beers in the United States were made during Prohibition. The variety was called “near beer,” a drink made by brewers who boiled off the alcohol before serving it to customers. Once Prohibition ended though, the demand for such product waned, and it wasn’t until the ‘90s that non-alcoholic beer options started to enter the mainstream in the country.

Now, there’s an NA-counterpart for all your favorite beer varieties, from rich stouts to thirst-quenching lagers. Today’s brewing technology allows beloved micro-breweries and large brewers alike to remove most of the alcohol without losing the depth of flavor. Plus, without the alcohol, they tend to be lower in calories.

Below you’ll find some of the most exciting cans to drink this summer. They’re complex, refreshing on the tongue, and will have you doing a double-take at the label.

Brewdog Wake Up Call Stout
Brewdog Wake Up Call Coffee Stout

Stouts are defined by their rich flavor, so skepticism of an NA version is understandable. But UK-based Brewdog’s Wake Up Call is filled with rich coffee flavors and is properly caffeinated to leave you feeling energized. With the rich texture and color of a stout, it’s a “kick back and enjoy a pint” kind of beer.

Buy: $13.99
Hedlum Brewing Company Juicy Boom IPA
Hedlum Brewing Company Juicy Boom IPA

Hedlum beers are brewed for activities. The official non-alcoholic beer of the US Ski and Snowboarding team, this Juicy Boom IPA is built for the slopes as well as boat rides and bike rides. It’s tropical without being too sweet, and there’s a hint of bitterness that helps balance the juicy palate. Consider it your companion for all things active.

Buy: $2.99
Best Day Brewing Wheat Beer
Best Day Brewing Wheat Beer

Cans of Best Day just scream summer. The light, relaxed hues beg to be in your hand around a bonfire or park picnic. This special release NA Wheat Beer is perfect for those highly social occasions when you want a light bodied drink in hand (and a clear mind to remember everyone’s name). With hints of honey, chamomile, and orange, it’s similar in flavor to a Blue Moon.

Buy: $20
Talea Craft Non-Alcoholic Spritzy Sour
Talea Craft Non-Alcoholic Spritzy Sour

Sour beers have taken off the last few years, and for good reason. The Spritzy Sour is bright and fruity with minimal hops. Talea, a women-owned New York City brewery, is known for unusual flavors and complex recipes (like banana pudding and smoky beer), and this sour is no different. With the taste of strawberry, lemon, and a dash of sea salt, it’s what you’d find at a grownup lemonade stand. Perfectly balanced, it’s more akin to a cocktail or wine spritz.

Buy: $4.99
Al's Classic Non Alcoholic Beer
Al's Classic Non-Alcoholic Lager

If you’re looking for a beer you can drink like water, look no further. Al’s is a classic for a reason. Al’s is an approachable and almost too-drinkable light lager. Its crisp flavor is coupled with light carbonation that doesn’t leave you bloated, making it perfect for manning the grill all day or sipping between turns on the pickleball court.

Buy: $3.50

Visitor manages to nicely mimic the flavors of a classic light lager— slightly hoppy, a little fruity, with some toasted malt at the end. While it’s excellent chilled on its own, it’s also the perfect ingredient to make beer-based cocktails with a little lower ABV. The can is understatedly cool, and it’s gluten reduced for those with sensitivities.

Buy: $13.95
Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA
Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA

Untitled Art makes NA beers using a special membrane filtration system, which filters out the booze from the beer without losing any of the flavor. The brewery's Juicy IPA is made with citra and mosaic hops, resulting in a classic tasting, highly drinkable hazy beer. The hops are nicely balanced with notes of tropical citrus.

Buy: $16.99
Partake Brewing Non Alcoholic Craft Brewing Pale Ale
Partake Brewing Non Alcoholic Craft Brew, Pale Ale

This pale ale toes the perfect line between bitter and sweet. From Canadian favorite Partake, it’s crisp and deep at the same time. With a malty sweet flavor, as well as notes of pine and citrus, it’s a simple beer perfect for daytime sipping. It’s also one of the lowest calorie options with just 10 calories a can.

Buy: $27.99
Zero Gravity Rescue Club Pilsner
Zero Gravity Rescue Club Pilsner

This beloved brewery is committed to sustainability and community. The Pilsner is everything you want in a classic German lager. It’s malt forward with a touch of nobel hops, and has a smooth yet complex flavor. The result is a well balanced amber-gold beer that’s beautiful in a cold-frosted glass.

Buy: $2.99
Resident Culture N.A.R.C. Lime Salt
Resident Culture N.A.R.C. Lime & Salt

This Mexican-style lager from Resident Culture brings the beach to you. With notes of sea salt and lime, it’s a great balance of flavors. A member of the brewery's N.A.R.C collection (Non-Alcoholic Resident Culture), it’s a mouthful of flavor with only .5 percent ABV.

Buy: $14
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