From specialized glasses to carved out booze books, there’s a number of ways to take your love of whiskey to another level. While our go to drink will always be sweet, sweet beer, evenings with our old pals Johnny, Jack and Jim are scheduled fairly regularly. Here are our favorite whiskey-related products so you can channel your inner Don Draper:

1. Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass – $15

2. Whisky Stones – $20

3. L’Art de la Dégustation for Ballantine’s Aged 12 Years – Not Sold Online

4. Master of Malt Whiskey Samples – $9+

5. Mustache Shaped Flask – $18

6. Steel Ice Cubes – $25

7. Roller Rock Glass – $22

8. Whiskey Bottle Holster – $39

9. Bender Bound Hidden Booze Books – $100+

10. Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses – $38

11. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit – $150


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