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The MetMo Driver, which launched on Kickstarter recently, combines modern performance with classic engineering. This pocket-sized tool functions like a souped-up ratchet screwdriver and is in fact based on a driver from the 1950s. With its highly tactile feel, satisfying ‘clicking’ sounds, and impressive construction, the MetMo Driver is built for the modern DIY-er. By using premium materials and solid engineering, the MetMo Driver can deliver unparalleled performance whether you’re screwing in a small nail or drilling a perfect hole with a spade drill. Because you’re able to put your whole weight behind it, the MetMo Driver offers much more than your standard screwdriver. And, in some cases, can match your battery-powered drill by delivering up to 70Nm of torque. The MetMo is compatible with just about any drive bit and gives you superior control when drilling. Plus, it weighs less than a pound and can fit snugly in your pocket. The MetMo Driver is available to back on Kickstarter for about $131 with an estimated delivery of November 2022.

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