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When it comes to homes in Beverly Hills, we’ve come to expect the level of opulence (some would say lunacy) that goes along with properties fit for MTV Cribs. But this Beverly Hills mansion that was recently listed by The Agency RE for just shy of $38 million ($37,950,000 if you want to get specific) is in a luxury class all its own. Even the “palatial, three-story hillside retreat that boasts panoramic views of the city below and ocean beyond” description doesn’t do this 12,500 sq ft., 5 bed, 9 bath, 3 kitchen (chef, butler and upstairs “morning”) property justice. It has a completely Allosaurus skeleton on loan from a private collector. It has an 80′ infinity pool. It also has: a 22′ tall, double-sided marble fireplace, temperature-controlled 600 bottle wine wall, 12 seat home theater, game room, fitness center, sauna, steam room, outdoor hot tub and a wraparound terrace. As if all that isn’t enough, the four car “motor court” garage and the driveway are both bigger than most NYC apartments at 945 and 1,000 sq ft, respectively.


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