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There are more than a few crystal whiskey glasses out there that capture the unique terrain and topography of famous landmarks, national parks and mountain ranges. When it comes to adventure, mountain peaks and whiskey, we’re all very much “go big or go home,” and that’s where these Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses come in. Billed as the “only true precision glass sculpture of Mount Everest in a whiskey tumbler,” each one of these glasses weighs in at 1lb each and includes a faithful recreation of Everest that is also designed to cool your drink in as little as 18 seconds after it’s been in the freezer. Even if you don’t chill it in the freezer, the replica of Everest that’s directly molded into the interior of the glass creates a peak that naturally aerates your beverage whether you’re pouring it to the Base Camp (1.5oz), Camp II (3oz) or Summit (4.5oz–aka the Danger Zone) markings on the mountain. There’s even an optional decanter that includes facets of both the north east ridge route on the Tibet side and the south east ridge route on the Nepal side if you want to truly elevate your drinking / geography game.


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