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As a dedicated coffee fan who enjoys brewing a variety of coffees, my counter is dominated by several coffee products: espresso machine, Chemex, cold brew, and more. And while there are coffeemakers that promise to streamline the brewing process, the Spinn Coffee Maker is the first that appears to deliver on all fronts. The beautifully designed home coffee brewer can handle just about anything from espresso drinks to cold brews and everything in between. The Spinn uses a unique centrifugal brewing system changing its speed to produce these different types of coffee drinks. Plus, thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can connect your phone to the Spinn to brew coffee at the touch of a button. Additionally, you can scan a bag of beans to customize the brewing specifications for your precise coffee. Perhaps best of all, the Spinn uses fresh coffee beans rather than pods so there’s no waste. Pour in your favorite coffee beans and once you’ve enjoyed your fresh coffee, dump the grounds in the compost. The impressive Spinn Coffee Maker is available for $999.

Cool Materials Ballistipac Image

If you thought you had a backpack that did it all, you’ve obviously never seen the Byrna Ballistipac. The Byrna Ballistipac is a bulletproof backpack that provides peace of mind and added protection in emergency situations. With its selection of armored panels, the Ballistipac can shield against bullets and other projectiles, making it a valuable tool for survival in dangerous and otherwise life-threatening situations. Oh yeah, and it works as a backpack too so you can carry all your essential survival gear and daily essentials. Upgrade your personal security with the Byrna Ballistipac today.