Frame 81

It used to be that having a lamp with dynamic lighting effects was limited to lava-style or simple color changing patterns. That changes with the Moonside Neon Lighthouse, a dynamic smart lamp with endless lighting effects. With 90 individually addressable full-color range RGB LED’s built-in, you can paint each individual pixel with any color you want. Pair it with the smart app for full control over the multiple color-zones technologies and sync it up with your music for an awesome light show. Even better, the Moonside Neon Lighthouse is available for 30% off, so get yours today.


If you’re on the lookout for the latest investment opportunities, throwing your hat in the ring with all the billionaires never seems to be a bad idea. Enter Arrived. Backed by like the likes of Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, Spencer Rascoff and many other high-profile investors, Arrived is the ultimate real estate investing app. By offering fractional shares (anywhere from $100 to $50K+ per property) on long-term rentals, vacation rentals, and the like, you can get in on real estate investments that are SEC-qualified and expert-curated (only 0.2% get past Arrived’s strict vetting process). Become a real estate mogul with Arrived today.


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