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In most cases, home decor should be an equal balance of style and substance. A chair, a bookshelf, or a desk should be as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we were so drawn to the Mnuca Floating Lamp, a unique desk/bedside light with a stunning design. With the lamp plugged in, you simply lift the bulb and as powerful magnets hold the light in place, the lamp illuminates. To turn it off, simply pull the light down and rest it on the base. It’s a charming and beautifully designed lamp that quickly catches the eye. The all-wood construction with the intricate wooden bulb design gives the Mnuca a playful atmosphere. In fact, the lamp was named after manuka honey, a nod to the lush flowing patterns of the birchwood used in making the lamp. The extremely strong and powerful neodymium magnets keep the light suspended even if you tip the lamp on its side. And the stainless steel bolts used in building Mnuca mean it’s built to last. Plus, the LED bulb can be swapped out after several years of use with a compatible G4 bulb.

We tested out the Mnuca Floating Lamp for ourselves and were impressed with the results. The floating lamp design is striking and completely unique. Plus, while the Mnuca might not be as bright as a dedicated reading lamp, it offers plenty of ambient light sufficient for a bedside lamp. Turning off the lamp was mostly reliable though once or twice the sensor didn’t register that the light was resting at first. But after adjusting the position one or two times, the light would turn off.

The Mnuca Floating Lamp was successfully funded through Kickstarter with backers expecting their delivery in April 2022. If you missed the chance to back it, you can pre-order for expected delivery in May 2022. If you’re looking for a new lamp that marries form and function then the Mnuca Floating Lamp is just for you.

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