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Sure they might be a little kitschy, but the Magical Flames Pouches are a surefire party trick for your next backyard bonfire. Simply get a fire roaring and toss in one of these Magical Flames Pouches unopened and watch the flames create a rainbow in a few seconds. The pouches can be used with any wood-burning fire, just don’t cook any food over them. Still, the sealed pouches mean you won’t come into direct contact with or inhale any chemicals. Simply enjoy the trippy show.

The Magical Flames Pouches are available in packs of 10, 12, 25, and 50 with one pouch lasting about 45 minutes to an hour. The company recommends three pouches per fire so you can continue to add them as you see the colors fade away.

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When it comes to pants built for everyday adventures, Proof never disappoints. But the Proof Trek Joggers are even more impressive than what we’ve come to expect from the brand. These hybrid joggers combine everything we want in both hiking pants and joggers. They’re made with double-knit fabric coated with DWR for stain- and water-resistance, along with built-in stretch that effortlessly accommodates your movements. Pair that EDC-friendly design that includes hand pockets, welt pockets, pocket knife slot and a hidden waterproof zip pocket, and you have room for all your gear. Upgrade with Proof Trek Joggers.