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If you’re anything like us, you’re one of those individuals who doesn’t really feel like a human being until you’ve had a cup of coffee in the morning. As much as we love the French press we use at home on a regular basis, cleaning it is a huge pain in the ass. The Grums grounds collector is a simple cup from Danish company Fabrikators that takes the mess out french press. Use your coffee grinder to get the perfect grind on your favorite beans. Pour the coffee into Grums up to the line for the amount you’re making. Brew your coffee. Drink your coffee. When it’s time to clean up, push the plunger down just a little bit more and it will compact the grounds into Grums and make it easy to remove. Now you can throw the used grounds in the trash, compost them, or use them as fertilizer for your plants. Rinse Grums and you’re ready to start making round two—without having to completely disassemble your press or waste a significant amount of water cleaning it.

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