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Ah, to lounge in my own personal hot tub secluded in the woods. Ain’t that the dream? Well, it can become a reality thanks to Vancouver-based startup Goodland. The Wood Burning Hot Tub, Goodland’s first product release, is a durable, sustainably made, hot tub. The design is minimalist, evocative of Nordic saunas in a secluded wood. The hot tub is made from marine-grade aluminum and red cedar with oak and raw brass detailing. Assembly is easy and should take about 10 minutes or so. After that simply fill the tub with water, collect twigs and fallen branches to stoke the fire, and enjoy your cozy, vibey outdoor experience. The first batch of Goodland’s Wood Burning Hot Tub sold out quickly, but the company has opened pre-orders for January/February 2022.


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