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We’ve always thought that multi-tools were essential pieces of gear for the modern man. Versatile and portable, good multi-tools give you the essentials to tackle most tasks. Unless you’re looking to chef something up on the go. Adventure chefs will often carry their own kitchen tools for portable cooking, but what about EDC that packs your kitchen tools into one piece of gear? Meet the Gentlemen’s Hardware Kitchen Multi-Tool. Gentlemen’s Hardware has been producing unique and practical multi-tools for a while now. And the Kitchen Multi-Tool will help you whip up a quality meal on your next adventure. The Gentlemen’s Hardware Kitchen Multi-Tool includes a cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, peeler, carving fork, and stirring spoon along with a channel knife, serrated knife, and a small paring knife. Plus, if you’re pairing a bottle of wine with dinner, you’ll have a corkscrew and can and bottle opener handy. All of the tools fold neatly within the handsome acacia wood case making the Gentlemen’s Hardware Kitchen Multi-Tool perfect for your next camping adventure.


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