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After long stretches of typing TPS reports, a game of foosball sounds like the perfect mental cool down. Of course, your boss might not be too keen on you toting a full-size table into the office. A less obtrusive option would be to pick up a few of these erasers. Each one can slide onto your pencil to fix your handwritten typos or provide a little mindless distraction when it’s game time. Just don’t go erasing too much or you’ll have a hard time clearing the ball off your back line. Oh, and no spinning.

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Montreal-based watch upstart Solios has introduced an uncompromised approach to watch creation that is equally stylish, sustainable, well-built and elegant. The end result is a full complement of solar-powered watches bearing the Solios name that are the perfect blend of minimal and functional while also being clean and renewable. In other words, you’re strapping one of the sleekest and most stylish watches that also happens to have been built with Mother Earth in mind. Since it’s available in a number of case colors, dial colors and eco vegan leather options, there’s a Solio Solar Watch for everyone.