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Vollebak Off Grid Collection

Vollebak Off Grid Collection

Not to get all dark on you, but it may be time to start thinking of what’s going to be on-trend when you’re hiding in your bunker one day. My bet’s on Vollebak’s Off Grid Collection. This raincoat and pants combo would be ideal for any weather conditions while still giving me that little bit of je ne sais quoi that will be so sorely lacking during the Apocalypse.

Jokes aside, Vollebak’s collection shows the evolution of outerwear that’s been lacking in the industry for some time. We’re looking at a more tailored, intentional silhouette without losing any of the necessities of outdoor ruggedware. The pants ($375), which are made from military-grade canvas, boast, “rope-tied ankles, a crazily tough reinforced seat, air vents, giant pouch pockets, storm flaps and gadget loops.” The jacket ($995), on the other hand, is made from an incredibly tough engineered fabric called Dyneema, which is lightweight but tear-resistant, windproof, and waterproof.

For anyone who’s looking to be off the grid and stay there, get Volleback. The price is steep, but the possibilities are endless for this collection.

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