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If you don’t want professional football to morph into a high-speed game of two-hand touch, you better hope someone provides a realistic solution to the current concussion issue. That means looking at the potential of a smarter helmet—something like the Zero1 from Vicis. Designed by engineers and neurosurgeons, the Zero1 acts like a car bumper, locally deforming to absorb impact. Not only will the Zero1 helmet come in 12 different sizes to allow players a proper fit, but the unique dimensions take into consideration the anatomy of the human head. Will it solve all concussion-related issues? Probably not, but it’s a good start if you want football to remain the violent sport it is.


Whether you’re talking about their knives, everyday carry gear or collaborative pieces, every single thing that bears The James Brand name is built-to-last, incredibly useful and purposefully designed. While we’re incredibly fond and reliant on all of their options, The Elko–their most minimal pocket knife–is our current favorite. Designed to attach to your keychain / EDC with the included titanium keychain, this small but mighty Swedish 12C27 stainless steel blade with anodized aluminum handles is the perfect tiny blade for all your everyday needs. If your EDC doesn’t include The Elko, you’re missing out, so get yours today.