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Velo’s Expandable Luggage is the Future of Travel

Velo’s Expandable Luggage is the Future of Travel

Let me paint a scene for you that we all know too well. You’re about to go on a trip and grab your luggage out of the closet. It’s for three days, so you want to pack light, but your carry-on has a broken wheel but you can’t find the larger duffle bag that you could use instead. It’s a headache already and you haven’t even made it to the airport yet.

The makers of Velo must have experienced this problem time and again, because they have created an ingenious three-in-one luggage that’s expandable for any trip. Going from a 16″ small carry-on to a 26″ large checked bag with the press of a button, you can simply pack for what you need and head out the door. And, the best part, if you start out with a small and buy a few gifts on holiday, it’ll still be the perfect bag for you, growing with wherever your vacation takes you.

Currently as a Kickstarter, Velo is still accepting backers and will begin delivery in the new year.

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