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Tumi Everett Essential Tote Bag

Tumi Everett Essential Tote Bag

Soft, unstructured and versatile are all words that can be used to describe the average man’s wardrobe on a daily basis. This isn’t always for the best if you plan on occupying any rung of the ladder near the top. When it comes to bag though, those three little words can make all the difference between stuffy, uptight partner and, well, you. The Tumi Everett Essential Tote has all the soft, unstructured and versatile you could ever need. The ballistic nylon body goes with the leather carry handles like happy hour and Jager bombs. Best of all, there are more u-zip pockets, side pockets and back zip pockets than you could ever hope to use – regardless of whether or not you’re using it as everyday bag or a briefcase.

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