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Timbuk2 Stuffle Duffel

Timbuk2 Stuffle Duffel

You’ve got a hot “workout” planned after work and you have no intentions of making it back to your place before you pass out at your desk tomorrow morning. You could attempt to cram everything into a messenger bag but the end result of that is Chris Farley in Tommy Boy – except your silk boxers, toothbrush, and 65 condoms are going to end up all over the sidewalk. The other option is a duffle bag. Good option for storage, but it isn’t exactly convenient and when you walk out with that bag and the girl from Accounting the gig is up. Timbuk2 saves your ass again with the Stuffle Duffel. It’s a messenger; it’s a duffle; it’s a damned transforming bag of tricks. It also has stash pockets, a compression strap, and the Timbuk2 standard cam buckle, nylon exterior, and ripstop liner. At only $90 it’s way cheaper than the lawyer you’ll need for the harassment suit.

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