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1984 Michael Jordan NBA Debut Chicago Bulls Full Ticket

1984 Michael Jordan NBA Debut Chicago Bulls Full Ticket

You can own a piece of sports history as one of the only known full tickets from the 1984 Chicago Bulls debut of Michael Jordan is heading to auction. As the story goes, a Washington, D.C. native and student at Northwestern University attended the game to support the Washington Bullets. “The young man’s father was buddies with a Bullets executive named Jerry Sachs who was able to wrangle two seats as a surprise for his son,” according to Heritage Auctions, which is hosting the sale of this ticket. As it turns out, the man in question didn’t have anyone available to join him so he held on to the extra ticket and kept it as something of a souvenir. Now, decades later, he has unearthed this piece of sports history, still in excellent condition, and is auctioning it off with bids starting at $250,000.

It’s likely this particular ticket is heading to auction after a mere stub from that same game fetched a cool $264,000 in December of last year. Any sports memorabilia collectors or diehard fans of MJ would love the opportunity to own this pristine ticket from the legend’s debut game.

The auction ends on February 26, 2022 and is expected to sell for upwards of $300,000.

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