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Rimowa X Porsche Limited Edition Hand-Carry Pepita Case

Rimowa X Porsche Limited Edition Hand-Carry Pepita Case

Rimowa’s elegant but rugged luggage, bags, and cases are made in Germany, so it only makes sense for them to partner with sports car maker Porsche, based in Stuttgart, Germany. This new collaboration has resulted in a single, iconic piece known as the Pepita. It’s inspired by the original Porsche 911 and cues like black leather straps, polished crest-shaped holders, a zipped U-pocket, a seatbelt-inspired X-strap, houndstooth Pepita fabric, black leather accents, and that classic gold, black, and red Porsche crest. You will also be able to buy a RIMOWA x Porsche Pepita Sticker Set to match it all. The case, of course, is made from Rimowa’s famous grooved aluminum. Only 911 cases will be made, and it will go on sale on April 28th. Great, now you gotta go get a vintage Porsche to go with it.

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