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Restoration Hardware Leather Gadget Cases

Restoration Hardware Leather Gadget Cases

Restoration Hardware is a great place to pick up the latest and greatest in the world of “vintage,” but actually buying anything there normally requires bartering with firstborn children or organs. Unless of course all you’re looking for is a sweet leather condom for your latest and greatest gadget. Artisan iPhone leather case? $39. Artisan iPad Jacket? $99. Kindle? $69. Warm chestnut leather hue (infused with bark and leaf pigments) with topstitching, coupled with strap or magnetic closures, and the ability to wipe clean? It would be priceless, but we’re pretty sure the only thing priceless and leather clad is Carrie-Anne Moss. Until we can keep that in our pocket we’re going to simply refer to these affordable leather holsters as awesome.

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