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Property Of Carter Duffel Bag

Property Of Carter Duffel Bag

There’s a reason armies the world over use duffel bags – they’re collapsible, hold a ton of stuff, and they’re made to last. If you want authenticity you’re either going to pay out the ass for it or you’re going to have to use a bag that reeks of dirty deeds done dirt cheap (febreze doesn’t fix everything). Realistically, the people that pay for these types of bags to be produced aren’t really concerned with how they look either which is where the Property Of Carter Duffel comes in. At 30cm x 25cm x 55cm it’s going to hold everything you need but the added leather trim and external zip pockets are what make this coated cotton duffel stand out. Unfortunately, you still have to buy the fatigues separately for your shenanigans.

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