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Vollebak’s Titan Range is Out of This World

Vollebak’s Titan Range is Out of This World

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, can reach temperatures at around -290 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s an unfathomably cold climate that would, of course, require some specialized gear to even land on the satellite without looking like Jack Nicholson’s character at the end of The Shining.

It’s with this imagination and engineering know-how that Vollebak has designed the Titan Range. Consisting of a Puffer, Pants, and Hat, the Titan Range is made to withstand even the coldest temperatures while keeping you looking cool as hell in their suits. In fact, the material of the garments is the same parachute material used for NASA’s Mars Rover. While you may never make the 746 million mile journey to Titan, it’s pretty damn cool to know you can buy some pretty astronaut-worthy gear right now, right here on Earth.

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