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With long-distance and international travel becoming more of a possibility, it’s time to invest in some quality travel gear. Huckberry has once again turned to the experts at GORUCK for an exclusive travel bag built with military-grade precision. The GORUCK x Huckberry Slick GR2 is made with highly water-resistant materials for stress-free travel. The pack sports Cordura and ballistic nylon so you can rely on this durable backpack to hold up wherever you go. Inside you’ll find a bombproof laptop compartment, an inner compartment with three internal pockets, and a removable, hard plastic frame sheet to carry more weight comfortably. An outer compartment reveals three pockets and a built-in field pocket. Extra padded shoulder straps will keep you feeling comfortable as you carry your pack in the great outdoors or through the airport. Plus, while you’re able to pack quite a bit in this hefty bag, the GR2 meets the TSA carry-on size requirements.

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