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8 Good-Looking Citronella Candles for Your Next BBQ

8 Good-Looking Citronella Candles for Your Next BBQ

Not hanging out outside during the summer would be like not putting the top down on a convertible (coincidentally, also in the summer). It’s the whole point of the thing, so do it. Unless you’re plagued by mosquitoes. In which case, we recommend a citronella candle. It’ll be hard to keep it lit in your convertible, but out in the backyard it should do wonders. Problem is, most citronella candles are fairly unattractive. That’s why we dug up these stylish options. Here are eight good-looking citronella candles for your next barbecue.

Square Citronella Candle Cement Pot

Keeping design simple is an easy way to make an attractive outdoor accessory and a cement square pot is about as simple as it gets. It would look great with virtually any style of patio furniture or outdoor decorations. And the price is low enough that you can buy enough to outline your whole outdoor area. $6

Scout Citronella Candle

There’s a bit extra with the Scout Citronella Candle. Not only does it repel pests, it comes with the addition of natural spruce scent, in case you’re using this candle in a setting that doesn’t already have spruce trees around. We’re thinking somewhere more urban, like an apartment balcony or the backyard of a city row home. The scent’s not the only extra bit you get with the candle though. Each product sold by United by Blue enables them to work toward their commitment to clean up American waterways. Buying this candle is basically community service. $12

Geometric Concrete Candle

Here’s another concrete candle that keeps the design simple, accessible, and versatile. It’s completely unobtrusive and fits in just as well inside as it does outside, though with the citronella, we’d assume you’ll be keeping it outside more often than in. Interestingly enough, it also comes with a wood wick. We’d have to do more research as we’re not really sure what kind of benefits that has over traditional string, but we’re not complaining. The flame keeps away mosquitoes and that’s all we ever really wanted. $14

Coleman Outdoor Lantern

Lanterns have a certain amount of inherent charm. Enough that we’re a little sad electric light is so widespread and affordable. With that in mind, we’re always open to some kind of lantern lighting option. The Coleman Outdoor Lantern lets us indulge that part of us, while also providing some protection against unwanted visitors. It’s more portable than some of our other options, so you can take the party from the front porch to the back patio, or vice versa, with all the citronella benefits that entails. $15

Bite Shield Citronella with Geraniol Bucket Candle

You have to love a candle that comes in a bucket. A candle that comes in a bucket has no illusions about its utility. That is, a candle that comes in a bucket is only about utility and we love it. You can hang it anywhere, leave it outside, and burn it, then you get a bucket at the end of everything. That’s a decent deal. You might think we’re obsessing over the bucket here, and that’s totally fair. But you have to love a candle that comes in a bucket. $21

Die Mosquitoes

The unspoken part of citronella candles is how desperately you’re trying to keep mosquitoes away. This candle makes it spoken. Not that we think mosquitoes can read. We don’t. It’s more a cathartic thing for ourselves and our guests. We want to make sure we’re broadcasting just how much we hate when those bloodsuckers crash the party and force everyone indoors. On those nights when the weather’s keeping us outside, which are already rare enough when you get into the humid days of the deep summer, we want to squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of our outdoor setup. This candle helps communicate that. $25

Candle by the Hour

Back when people were using candles as their primary light source, they got pretty inventive with their styles. This one is a throwback to when they used candles to tell time as well as provide light and comes in an interesting rolled cylinder. You can pull up however much of the candle you want to use that night, light it, and when it reaches the clip, it’ll put itself out. Not only will it keep insects away, it could also serve as a leaving prompt for guests who’ve stayed too long. $33

Teak Bowl

You’ll notice there’s a bit of a price jump between this entry and the last one. We attribute that mostly to the difference between utility and aesthetics. The Teak Bowl was created with looks in mind. The wood is attractive and special care was clearly taken when pouring the wax into the bowl. Even the wicks seem to be distributed so they look as good as possible when they’re all lit. It definitely leans towards being a statement piece rather than just about keeping bugs away. $138

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