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NASA-Inspired Zero Gravity Shoe

NASA-Inspired Zero Gravity Shoe

After the thrill of reaching outer space wears off, being an astronaut seems pretty boring. Not a lot of privacy. The food doesn’t look that great (except, of course, for Astronaut Ice Cream they sell at the Smithsonian). And I doubt they have HBO. So, when designer Hussain Almossawi imagined what soccer would be like in space, he came up with the sleek, minimal concept that we’re obsessing over. The concept shoe includes gravity-defying technology to keep the player stable on the field (in our imagination, the field is somewhere in the vicinity of Olympus Mons) while the studs light up to activate gravity resistance sensors and enhance ball shot accuracies. This shoe may just be in Almossawi’s imagination, but it shows that the human element of imagination can never be replicated or replaced in design. And thank God for that.

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