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NASA’s Newest Spacesuit Shows How Far We’ve Come

NASA’s Newest Spacesuit Shows How Far We’ve Come

The continued partnership between NASA and Axiom will bring with it a lot of firsts: the first exploration of the lunar South Pole, the first person on the moon in about 50 years, and the first woman to walk on the moon.

To accomplish this goal, Axiom and NASA have redesigned the space suit to meet these challenges and build upon the lunar legacy left behind by big names such as Armstrong and Buzz.

The new spacesuit, dubbed the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (or xEMU for short), is currently in its prototype phase but gives us some indication of what the final result may look like. The suit has advanced mobility range to accommodate the various body types that will make it on this future Artemis mission. The suit will also feature advanced safety features, new technology to meet the challenges that exist in the unfamiliar lunar terrain yet to be explored, and an overall more comfortable wear for the astronauts.

We look forward to seeing how this suit will develop as we enter a new age of the Space Race.