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Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack

Jack Spade Wool Felt Boot Pack

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but at some point in the last decade the rein of the briefcase quietly came to an end.  In our search for a more functional and stylish option we dabbled around with messenger bags, succumbed to an infatuation with classic backpacks, and even flirted with, albeit briefly, bowling bags (perhaps we were drinking).  Now, Jack Spade, the company famous for producing high-end bags for men, offers another option, and this one seems to get everything right.  The Wool Felt Boot Pack is stylish, as you would expect with any product from Jack Spade, and functional, as you would expect with a bag inspired by military gear.  Plus, as with any product in the Wool Felt Collection, you’re getting a super durable product.  Now, let’s never mention that little one-night stand with the European man purse again.

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