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Gillette 3D Printed Razor Maker Apollo

Gillette 3D Printed Razor Maker Apollo

If you want a shave that’s out of this world, Gillette has created the perfect razor that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the historic space flight and moon landing. After all, Gillette provided Techmatic razors for the flight crew, so what better way to issue a now nearly space-age technique to celebrate Apollo 11. This 3D printed razor handle uses Gillette ProGlide 5 cartridges and shows off a lunar-like surface along with the imprint of an astronaut boot and the NASA logo, as well. As part of their line of limited edition razors, the Razor Maker Apollo isn’t just great in the hand and truly special to behold, it provides serious grip to manage that Movember beard you need to get rid of post-haste.

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