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Fossil Harbor Bags

Fossil Harbor Bags

When you first think of Fossil it’s probably some archaic dinosaur skeleton or your great-grandfather. What you should be thinking of is the company that made the first watch and wallet you ever bought yourself. And the company that makes the bag you’re about to buy. The Harbor series of bags are all made of cotton nylon (in blue) with genuine leather trim (in brown) and have magnetic closures. We don’t know how f’ing magnets work but if Fossil is putting them on their bags we can only assume they’re for keeping all your essential iStuff safe. Available in three sizes: city bag, messenger, and backpack, each has that rugged prep style that’s all the rage these days. You know, like if Indiana Jones was a college professo…wait. Yeah, whatever. You know they’re awesome and they’ll last forever. Just like that wallet you’re sitting on right now.

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