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Few things ruin a perfectly good summer day than running out of water. Whether it’s for yourself to cool down, for your pup on a playdate, or for your overheated engine, having water on hand is vital – and often a bit cumbersome. Dometic GO’s 11L Water Jug fixes many of the issues that come with storing water on the go. For one, its volume-increasing design means one can eke out an extra liter versus leading competitors who can only carry a measly 10 liters. Size matters on a hot summer day, I have to say. It’s also got comfortable webbed handles and built-in tie-down guides for easy carrying and transport. But, the best thing of all is the universal Nalgene top, making it a breeze to hook in your accessories, like a filter, for even more use. Get it for $70.

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Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across multiple fields with an alternative approach to all things technology, PItaka does science and style in a specialist arena with a focus on distinct materials, performance and focus you won’t find from other brands. Pitaka’s wireless charging dock–MagEZ–combines a compact and ergonomic design with a MagSafe sliding battery pack that quickly charges and effortlessly juices your phone, portable battery and earbuds up to the max. Want to stay connected regardless of how many meetings, cocktail hours or last minute get-togethers you have to attend? Upgrade to MagEZ Slider.