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When we first heard that legendary luxury brands The Macallan and Bentley Motors were linking up for a limited-edition Scotch Whisky, we didn’t know what to expect. And now that the concept design has been revealed…we still don’t know what to think. The Macallan has shared images of their upcoming single malt Scotch made in collaboration with Bentley and, truth be told, it looks more like an intricate sculpture than a bottle of whisky. Regardless, it’s certainly innovative.

No specific details about the whisky itself, dubbed Horizon, have been revealed other than the fact that it will be a single malt expression. But, the design of the 180-degree inverted bottle means it will rest on its side rather than upright. Also, The Macallan shared that the design process has been done by using six upcycled or repurposed materials — a nod to The Macallan’s Six Pillars. The bottle will feature recycled copper from the Curiously Small Stills located in their former distillery, recovered aluminum from Bentley’s manufacturing, recycled wood, and recycled glass and carbon neutral leather that were used in the brand new Bentley Mulliner GT.

The collaborative whisky is expected to release next summer so keep your eyes out for this surreal Scotch.

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