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Molson Coors’ first foray into the world of whiskey was an impressive success. Five Trail Blended American Whiskey, produced in partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Company, was admired by critics and whiskey enthusiasts for its expertly crafted balance.

Now, the brand is following it up with the release of Batch 002, a new expression produced again with Bardstown. The Batch 002 blend replaces the 4-Year Colorado single malt with a 6-Year and the 13-Year Kentucky bourbon with a 12-Year. You’ll find notes of ginger, baking spices, oak, caramel, and subtle fruit flavors. Overall, it promises to be a smooth drinking experience.

Plus, Molson Coors is also releasing limited quantities of three further expressions: Barrel Proof, Cask Finish Series, and Small Batch Blend. Barrel Proof sees the original Batch 002 recipe bottled at 119 proof delivering much stronger, richer flavors. The Cask Finish series is bottled at 95 proof and made from a blend of 4-Year Indiana wheat bourbon, 4-Year Kentucky four grain bourbon, 4-Year Colorado single malt, and 7-year Indiana rye. These whiskeys are barrel rested in Imperial Porter Barrels from the AC Golden Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado, and cut to proof with Rocky Mountain Water. And finally, The Small Batch, also bottled at 95 proof, is blended from a base of 4-Year Indiana wheated bourbon, 4-Year Kentucky four grain bourbon, and 8-Year Colorado single malt whiskey with 17-Year Tennessee whiskey. You can find bottles of these whiskeys within the brand’s eight distribution markets.

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