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Every so often we’ll ask ourselves why we don’t make ice cream at home more often. Then we look up the recipes, the specialty equipment, and just decide to hit the local ice cream store instead. There’s a good chance that’ll change with Frolic, a new pod-based ice cream maker on Kickstarter. The pods are a little smaller than a standard grocery store pint and come in vanilla or chocolate with classic, lite, and vegan options for both flavors. Plus the machine can blend in whatever toppings you might want without any kind of special prep. Just drop the toppings in whole and the machine grinds it into the cream. The Kickstarter campaign promises this will be the smoothest ice cream you’ll ever eat and talks about ice crystal micrometers. Obviously, that’s something best verified by a taste test. The first batch of deliveries is promised in June of this year and ice cream pods are available on Frolic’s own website.

High Five

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