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Molson Coors, the makers of many a dive bar staple including Miller High Life and Coors Banquet, has officially entered the spirit category with a full-strength Kentucky whiskey. Five Trail American Blended Whiskey is the result of a partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Company, which created this whiskey by blending a thirteen-year Kentucky bourbon with a four grain from Kentucky, a wheated whiskey from Indiana, and a single malt whiskey from Colorado. To get it down to 95 proof, the whiskey is cut with Rocky Mountain water, a nod to Coors’ Colorado roots. It’s unclear if Molson Coors will continue to pursue spirits releases, but Five Trail Whiskey is a solid entry to the category. Priced at $60, Five Trail is right in the middle of similar whiskeys and offers a fully rounded drinking experience. Expect gentle notes of spice, chocolate, and stone fruit. It’s a relatively easy-drinking whiskey and a good all-around crowd-pleaser. You can find Five Trail Whiskey in New York, Colorado, Georgia, and Nevada for the time being with a suggested retail price of $60.

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