Give dad the gift of high-class beverages this Father’s Day. Whether his bar cart could use an upgrade or you just want to split an exciting new summer-ready wine, we’ve got you covered. Below are twelve of the best drink gifts to give dad for Father’s Day 2021.


Metropole Tumblers

Your dad’s favorite bourbon will taste even better out of these artful Metropole tumblers from LSA International. Inspired by brutalist architecture, these design-forward handmade glasses still maintain a touch of soft elegance for dad’s spirit of choice.


The Boozy Capsule

Introducing dad’s new favorite nightcap. Earlier this spring, Oddfellows introduced their brand new line of liquor-laced ice cream. The set of six pints includes ice cream infused with the spirits and ingredients used in cocktails from some of the world’s most famous bars. You can read all about the boozy capsule here and then order dad the full set for Father’s Day.


Craft Cocktail Bar Tool Set

Forget rigid jiggers and boring old bar spoons. Rabbit brings the bar tool set into the new generation with this stylish, modern cocktail set including a mixing glass, muddler/reamer, strainer, and more. Dad can recreate the classics with this set or test out some creative, craft cocktails.


Smoked Cocktail Kit

Bring the BBQ inside with this smoked cocktail kit from Viski. This fully manual, easy-to-use smoker lets dad infuse his favorite cocktails with genuine, smoke flavor.


Lerpin Outdoor 25 Quart Cooler

This seafoam green 25-quart cooler from Lerpin adds a touch of vintage flair to any backyard cookout. Dad can stock his favorite beer in the airtight cooler and know that his drinks are ice cold with the built-in thermometer. Lerpin’s coolers are built to last and come equipped with padded feet, airtight locking, and water and ice drainage for ease of use and beverage protection. Plus, at $166, you won’t find many better coolers on the market.


Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments

Pair this book from renowned spirits writer Aaron Goldfarb with the Viski smoke kit for a perfect Father’s Day set. Goldfarb’s Hacking Whiskey offers plenty of tips and tricks to create unique and wild whiskey concoctions. You and your dad can test dozens of new and downright “blasphemous” whiskey experiments with this guide.


Rastal Teku Set of 6

We can all agree that dad deserves the best. And, when it comes to beer glasses, it doesn’t get better than the Rastal Teku. Designed in Italy and manufactured in Germany, the Teku is the Euro supercar of glassware. Get dad a set of 6 for his favorite hazy IPAs, fruited sours, stouts, or whatever he likes to drink.


Areaware Table Tiles

Does your dad respect wood? Of course, he does. So, he deserves some quality coasters. While you can snag some cardboard coasters from any old bar, get dad a set of Areaware’s geometric table tiles. Along with adding a touch of style to dad’s coffee table, the coasters can keep your cocktail from leaving unseemly stains.


Roasted Chili Bloody Maria Cocktail Mix

Hair of the dog has never tasted so good. Firebirds Chile Co.’s Roasted Chili Bloody Maria mix brings a fresh, spicy finish to your favorite brunch cocktail. This small-batch mix features flame roasted poblano chiles and jalapenos for a refreshing kick along with lime juice, cucumber, garlic, and onions. For Father’s Day morning, pair this with tequila or Mexican lager for a damn fine breakfast drink.


Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA

The non-alcoholic beverage game is all the rage these days. And, while many craft breweries have tried their hands at NA beer, none have succeeded like Athletic Brewing. While many non-alcoholic beers taste hollow, there’s nothing missing from Athletic Brewing’s beer. They’re the complete package. Grab dad a six-pack of Free Wave Hazy IPA as a non-alcoholic alternative to his favorite beer, wine, or cocktails.


Pratt Standard Old Fashioned Syrup

Pratt Standard makes cocktail prep simple. With one of their craft syrups, you can make up to a dozen of your favorite cocktails. So, with the Old Fashioned syrup, dad can ditch the bitter and simple syrup and still wind up with a perfect Old Fashioned every time. Keep the syrup refrigerated and you can enjoy delicious classic cocktails for months.


Las Jaras 2020 Glou Glou

Comedian and actor Eric Wareheim has big, goofy foodie dad energy. Which makes his wine perfect for Father’s Day. Las Jaras, founded by Wareheim and Joel Burt, is one of our favorite natural wineries in the country and they ship to most states so you and dad can split a bottle whenever you’d like. Glou Glou is an easy guzzler which is perfect for a hot summer night. Snag a bottle for pops!

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