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CBD brand Dad Grass got its start with pre-rolled CBD joints. Simple, elegant, effective. Since then, Dad Grass has become one of the most beloved companies in the cannabis space offering pure hemp flower, killer merchandise, and, now, bottles of CBD tincture. Made from the same hemp flower used in the pre-rolled joints, the CBD tincture offers customers a new avenue for enjoying the mellow vibes of Dad Grass. The entire 30ml bottle includes 1200mg of CBD with a recommended serving size of one dropper. Typically, you’d consume sublingually but you can add Dad Grass to beverages, food, or whatever you prefer. Many users have reported that CBD can help manage anxiety, stress, and pain while also offering a chill, non-psychoactive calming effect. Bottles of the Dad Grass CBD Tincture are $65 each.


Most of the time, you don’t want to mess with the classics. But Huckberry went ahead and made a new version of the duckboot and honestly, it’s better than the classic. This duckboot hybrid combines the classic with an adventure sneaker that’s infused with more versatility, performance and comfort. Full-grain leather upper. Waterproof and breathable membrane on the inside with sealed seams. Traditional and extended rand for maximum waterproof and abrasion resistance. EVA midsole that makes it feel like a sneaker. Vibram outsole for maximum performance and comfort. Get your Huckberry All-Weather gear–including their best-in-class duckboots and chore boots–today.