You need a watch. No, really. Enough with the mindset that your iPhone suffices for a timepiece – it does not. In fact, when someone asks you the time (or moreover, when you need to know what time it is) and you reach for your phone, you are further supporting your own dependence on technology. It’s not that technology is a problem in itself, although the robot uprising could be just around the corner at this point, it’s that the watch is as near to perfection as a piece of equipment can be. And why mess with that? When you inevitably do reach for a timepiece, make it one that can match up with your entire wardrobe. Don’t worry, that is surprisingly easy to do. These options border the line between work and play and all do their job beautifully. You won’t find any heart monitors or tide charts on these; they’re simply watches, and they do what watches are meant to do: tell time.


Smart Turnout

Town Watch Army Rugby Edition 40mm –



Swiss Chronograph Check Strap 42mm – 



The Waterbury Gold-tone Case 40mm – 



The Sentry Leather – Blue/Brown 42mm – 



The Gant By Michael Bastian –



Winston Tweed Brown 41mm – 


Tommy Hilfiger

Croc Leather/Brown Strap w/ Silver Detail 50mm – 


Daniel Wellington

Grace Selwyn 36mm – 


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