Having to take off your watch to participate in an activity with any sort of proximity to water is a pain in the ass. Buying a water-resistant watch is the obvious solution, but what rating do you need? Unless you’re deep water diving (think ocean, not pool), 200 Meters (aka 200 Atmospheres / 20 ATM / 20 Bar) is good enough for most of us. Here are some of our favorite water-resistant watches rated for at least 200 Meters that won’t break the bank.



The TSOVET JPT-NT42 has the same aircraft gauge DNA you’ll find in their other watches, but it’s been streamlined and simplified for this smaller version. The 42mm case houses a Japanese Miyota movement, and the watch stays on your wrist with an easy to dry rubber genuine rubber band.


Citizen BN0000-04H Eco-Drive Dive

Citizen has been making quality watches for longer than most of us have been alive, and that is absolutely true of the BN0000-04H Eco-Drive Dive Watch. Sleek, understated and water-resistant to 300 meters, this is the perfect watch for the guy that values simplicity over bells, whistles and pops of color.


Casio G-Shock GDX6900HT

If you haven’t thought about a G-Shock watch since you were a kid, it’s time to check out one of their newest creations: the GDX6900HT. The same digital face, four-button case and gel body still houses more functions than you’ll probably ever use, but now it’s available with a heather fabric print in seven different colors.


Vostok Amphibia

Originally created for the USSR’s navy, the Vostok Amphibia is one of the most unique watches on the market. The Russian watches can be a little bit harder to find, but most of them are available for less than $100—including the one Bill Murray wore as Steve Zissou. For more history on this watch, hit up Hodinkee.


Timex Intelligent Quartz Depth Gauge

The company that makes your favorite budget watch with interchangeable straps also makes a 200-meter water-resistant watch with built in depth and temperature gauges. It’s unlike most of their other offerings, but that really works in their favor when you’re looking for a stylish watch you can wear in the water.


Invicta 8926OB

The rotating bezel, domed crystal, stainless link bracelet and even the hands make this watch appear a lot like a watch from a much more prestigious brand. Invicta’s version might not be an heirloom, but it does still include an automatic movement and costs pennies on the dollar compared to the other option.

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