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10 Light Colognes Perfect for Summer

10 Light Colognes Perfect for Summer

Summer isn’t the time for cologne that smells like a warm cabin and a roaring fire. Summer is about the water, about fresh air and some ocean mist. You’re going to want to smell fresh and light. Luckily, we’ve dug up some great colognes that fit those precise demands. Here are 10 light colognes perfect for summer.

O’Douds Heritage Cologne

Despite the fact that this cologne boasts a sandalwood backbone, it’s ultimately refreshing, with crisp citrus notes. Described by O’Douds as “reminiscent of twill, antiques, and adventure,” there’s definitely an outdoorsy vibe going on here, as Heritage Cologne will make you smell like the kind of man that invites adventure. Think of it as a nice blend between seasons. $52

Portland General Store Saltwater

There are certain terms that put us in a summer mood regardless of weather or season. “Saltwater” is 100% on that list. This cologne, which is inspired by a recipe from the early 1900s, blends all-natural ingredients into something as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. With notes of citrus, clay sage, and celery (yes, celery), Saltwater is the next best thing to covering yourself in sunscreen when you want to dream of the beach. And fittingly, it’s made with real Atlantic sea salt, so if you can’t get to the water it’s the next best thing. $60

D.S. & Durga Italian Citrus

D.S. & Durga make seriously expensive cologne that’s worth the investment if you really care about smelling unique. You won’t be another Acqua di Gio guy. You won’t be another member of the Creed Aventus For Men club. Our summer pick from their impressive collection is Italian Citrus. It packs notes of cold pressed lemon, blood orange, violet leaf, oakmoss, and many other things that sound very fancy. Imagine walking through an orchard of fresh fruit and you’re on the right track. $230

The Motley Cyprus

You know the refreshing and invigorating scent of freshly applied shaving cream? Well, take that and throw in some pine needles and ginger and you have Cyprus from The Motley. It’s a scent that will bring to mind coastal excursions in the Pacific Northwest, with the water slapping the rocks as large pine trees stretch out behind you. Best of all, if you’re not a spray cologne type of guy, you can snag Cyprus in a roll-on for more precise application. $120

Odin Roam

Roam is a scent dedicated to the explorers among us who devour all Mother Nature has to offer. With Amazonian incense mixed with dried coconut, you get a scent that’s a bit smoky and crisp and totally unique. A little warmer than the others on the list, Roam is designed to evoke the wet forests you travel while trying to find each corner of Earth. You’ll pick up notes of wild coffee flower along with things you actually understand, like saffron, ebony wood, and coconut milk. $165

Sigil Scent Focus

We understand that $150+ bottles of cologne aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re trying to find something that smells nice for summer and you still want enough cash to book that shore house, consider a sample of one Sigil Scent’s scents. For the dog days we can think of none better than Focus, which is said to bring to mind “coffee at sunrise, mother’s herb garden, and thousands of orange blossoms.” Those all sound really nice! Also, at 5 ml, a sample isn’t a one time spritz and toss; you can get a handful of uses out of it. End up loving it? Drop the $90 on a full-size bottle for all the days ahead. $12

Atelier Cologne Citron d’Erable

Bright citrus notes invigorate you all day long. They’re like a continuous cup of coffee pouring into your system until the scent fades. That’s why we love this cologne from Atelier Cologne. Citron d’Erable, like the name suggests, is packed with fresh lemon notes to wake up your senses. But this is no one-note cologne. Paired with that bright lemon is a sweet maple syrup undertone, delivering a depth to the aroma. $130

Penhaligon’s Sartorial Eau de Toilette

Inspired by Savile Row, Penhaligon’s Sartorial Eau de Toilette is as sophisticated as the bespoke clothing that comes from the famous tailors. But while there is absolutely a timeless, masculine backbone, there are also clean notes of lavender, ginger, and beeswax, making this the cologne perfect for evenings at a beach-side resort. It’s a fantastic blend of the musky colognes your father relied on and the refreshing ones that have come to prominence over the years. $92

Le Labo Neroli

Le Labo’ Neroli cologne is like a summer cocktail for your nose. Packed with notes of watermelon, fresh herbs, orange, and salt, the crisp cologne is exactly what the warm weather calls for. It’s bright. It’s refreshing. It’s summer in a bottle. Available in a slew of different sizes (including a 500 ml bottle that will set you back a cool $975), there’s a Neroli spray bottle with your name on it. Hell, Le Labo even offers it as a solid cologne if you’d rather smear some on your skin. $6+

Imaginary Authors Every Storm a Serenade

There’s something wonderful about a late evening storm in the summer. The passing rain often gives way to a rainbow and an intoxicating aroma that smells like playing in fields as a kid. Don’t wait this summer for the forecast to change. Imaginary Authors makes a scent called Every Storm a Serenade, and it will bring you right back to your patio during a passing summer shower. Filled with notes of Danish spruce, eucalyptus, and vetiver (a grass), Every Storm a Serenade is perfect for those post-grill evenings when the long day is winding down. $6+