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10 Commuter Bags Perfect for Spring

10 Commuter Bags Perfect for Spring

Have you been outside lately? It’s not quite as cold as it was a month ago! It’s about time to enjoy your commute. That means you need to grab your bike, wake up a little earlier, and pedal to work. But if you’re going to do it, there’s something else you need to do first. Get yourself a good-looking, durable commuter bag. It doesn’t matter if it’s a messenger or a backpack, it just cannot—by any means—make you look like you’re headed to class; going to school isn’t uncool, it just isn’t too cool to look like a “super-senior” at work. Here are 10 of our favorite commuter bags for spring.

Public Rec Pro Pack

The Pro Pack is a versatile option for the working professional, someone who is on the move, style conscious, and demands performance from their attire. They’re serious about what they carry, and the Pro Pack would make them ecstatic. There’s a small and large size, multiple sleeves inside, zippered compartments, a waterproof bottom, and enough room for a pair of shoes and a laptop. $49

Nomatic Backpack

The Nomatic backpack is the perfect carry for the urban nomad. It’s waterproof, has magnetic pockets, interchangeable compartments, reflective-ink logos, and a retractable key leash. It comes in a sleek black and it’s formal enough to look like a briefcase—but a briefcase from the future. $209

Herschel Supply Odell Messenger

The Odell Messenger is the perfect introduction to crossbody bags. It’s not frumpy or flimsy—or ugly, for that matter. Get it in this bold camo print, with accented red and blue striping, to do anything but blend in. $70

Millican East Pack

This bag is Millican’s third installment of their “Blank Canvas Edition” backpacks. They commissioned Oliver East for the art—affording him four panels on the bag’s outer shell for his comic drawings. The result is a good-looking, unique bag that won’t look like all the others at the office. $85

Black Ember Citadel Minimal

This bag by Black Ember looks more Black Ops than office job. It’s covered in pockets, pouches, and protection. The bag has a releasable side handle for briefcase carry and padding on the opposite side that’s entirely unnoticeable. It’s available for pre-order now, so get yours before they’re all claimed. $225

Everlane Modern Zip Backpack

Yes, it’s a pretty standard backpack. Two pockets, two straps, one hook loop, and a neutral, solid body. But, if you scroll down far enough, there’s another color! It’s screen printed 11 times to get a color, and a texture, that’ll outlast even the sunniest days and the wettest floors; it’s a cotton twill material that’s screen printed to perfection. Best of all, as with everything from Everlane, it won’t break the bank. $80

DSPTCH Daypack

This is the perfect bag for the outdoorsy guy. It’s a struggle to sit him behind a desk. If he’s OOO, he’s probably outdoors. His look is probably best described as green; so, why shouldn’t his bag be too? The DSPTCH Daypack is the perfect transition bag—it looks good in the office and it works well outdoors. $180 

Joshu+Vela Zip Briefcase

A bag has never looked more like spring. The Joshu+Vela Zip Briefcase is a sand-colored, waxed canvas bag with light brown leather accents, just big enough for your laptop, chargers, and sunglasses. $198

Moop Backpack No. 1

It’s hard not to love Moop. Their canvas bags are handmade and sold in their small storefront in Pittsburgh. Fortunate for you, if you don’t live in Pittsburgh, they’re available online. Their backpack is arguably their best bag. It has a unique, almost square shape, a rolled top and two leather straps, and two waxed canvas body straps—all atop a contrast bottom that’s sure to survive being set on the ground. $197

J.Crew x Eastpak Backpack

J.Crew does just about everything well. When they’re unsure, they enlist an expert and work to create the best collaboration. When it came to backpacks, J.Crew wisely chose Eastpak. The collaboration is a fittingly vintage look that’s still more manly than it is middle school. It comes in camo and red, so chose your color and get going. $90

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