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The Best Coffee Beans You Can Get Through the Mail

The Best Coffee Beans You Can Get Through the Mail

Going somewhere every morning to get yourself a delicious cup of coffee can add up. Go every Monday through Friday before work? Each year you’d spend just under a thousand dollars on your joe.

Don’t freak out. There’s a way to get that same coffee-shop-quality coffee at home—for way less. A handful of the United States’ best coffee shops and roasters will ship you varying quantities of freshly roasted beans—for nearly 70% off the in-shop price per cup. That money you save can be used toward buying a coffee-shop quality machine or a set of good mugs and to-go cups. Here are the best ten beans you can get through the mail:

Passenger Coffee

Lancaster, PA

This underrated rookie acts like a seasoned veteran. Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, roasts and ships some of the best coffee on the East Coast. Their quality, attention to detail, and care for the coffee community set them apart from the rest. Their cups are admittedly more expensive, but the price funds the process—one that’s artful, skillful, and international. Plus, they offer free shipping on any order over $30. Link

Blue Bottle Coffee

Oakland, CA

This coffee community legend, Blue Bottle Coffee, is inspired by Vienna’s first coffee shop: “The Blue Bottle.” Today, 335 years later, the coffee shop is famous for their always-fresh beans. They vow to only serve, in shop, beans that have been out of the roaster for 48 hours or less. This, and their unique, weekly coffee delivery service, carried them to cult-like fandom. Their coffee is sought after in our nation’s coolest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, and Boston. But, if you don’t live in one of the aforementioned destinations, they’ll ship you their beans, too. Link

La Colombe Coffee

Philadelphia, PA

La Colombe is a well respected roastery. Todd Carmichael, the company’s CEO, spent the better part of three decades tasting, sourcing, and selling the world’s best coffee. He led La Colombe to high ranks, converted the hospitality and culinary worlds into La Colombe drinkers, and did it all ethically, morally, and responsibly. Their beans are shipped for free if you order $30 worth. Link

Counter Culture Coffee

Durham, NC

Counter Culture Coffee is both one of the most eco-friendly and well-run roasters in the United States. Every step of the way they’re paying attention to the impact they’re making, the source they’re gathering from, and the ramifications of their career. They take customers on yearly trips to the sources of their beans. Their operation has grown from Durham, NC, to Los Angeles, CA, in the two decades its been open. Link

Intelligentsia Coffee

Chicago, IL

Intelligentsia was one of the pioneers of the direct-trade trend. Their method of sourcing rare, exclusive beans garnered them popularity almost instantly. Their dedication to perfecting the roasting and brewing of a cup of coffee was what kept people coming back. Their coffee was—and still is—delicious, and they’ve learned how to grow and stay true at the same time. Link

Parlor Coffee

Brooklyn, NY

At Parlor, coffee is complex; coffee is beautiful; coffee is full of character. At Parlor, their process is scientific, instinct driven, and about expressing the truest flavors of the bean. They sell beans, grounds, and accessories in beautiful and eco-friendly packaging—all at a very low price. And their coffee is roasted after purchase and just before shipment to promise perfect freshness. Link

Tandem Coffee

Portland, ME

This two-cafe operation in Portland, Maine, is the story of coffee vets settling down. Will and Kathleen Pratt worked in the coffee arena all across the country and finally found a place for Tandem to call home. In Portland there’s the Cafe + Roastery and the Cafe + Bakery—two Tandem brewing shops that offer different vibes and treats for customers. At one, you’ll see the extent of the operation, and at the other you’ll see it all come together: coffee and baked goods in an old, unique space. If you’re not ready to move to Portland, you can sign up for their coffee & vinyl subscription “The Good Thing”—an easy way to live the Tandem experience at home. Link

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland, OR

In the Portland on the other coast, Stumptown is roasting, pouring, and packaging with ease. Their operation is a product of persistence and present-mindedness. They’ve become a cult-ish classic that is uniquely itself in every outlet. They manage to operate on a corporate scale and think like a start-up. Their shipped coffee is on the more expensive side, but you’re still spending less than you would at coffee shops. Link

Rhetoric Coffee

Oakland, CA

Rhetoric Coffee runs one of the best subscription-based coffee delivery services in the industry. Their coffee is specifically sized for your needs: 8, 12, 16, and 80 ounce sized bags. New coffee is delivered to you every two weeks because Rhetoric believes whole beans are only fresh for 14 days. That means your home supply is always fresh and always delicious. Shipping is included in the price of each bag, too. Link

Idlewild Coffee

Austin, TX

Idlewild Coffee is a small operation that currently offers two varieties of beans and only pours in one small location tucked inside a skate shop in Austin, TX. But, they’re more than willing to ship one of their two beans to you—for a really low price. It’s great coffee from a small spot across the country; it’s an easy way to say you drank Idlewild before they became a national name. Link