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The 15 Best Bar Soaps for Men Based On Skin Type & Concern

The 15 Best Bar Soaps for Men Based On Skin Type & Concern

In the year of our lord 2022, there’s no excuse for skimping on your personal hygiene. If you want to choose budget-friendly personal style items or tech, that’s fine. But when it comes to keeping yourself clean, it’s worth making the investment. That means stop using the all-in-one soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. etc. Embrace a proper skincare routine. Get separate shampoo and conditioner. And buy some quality soap. Need some suggestions on the best bar soap for men based on your skin type and concern? We’re here to help.

Bar Soap vs. Body Wash

So, why should you use a bar of soap instead of body wash? In practice, both are perfectly capable of keeping you fresh and clean. But, bar soaps have some upsides. For one, they tend to be more eco-friendly. Less packaging and an emphasis on cardboard or paper rather than plastics mean bar soaps are usually more sustainable products. Additionally, if you have allergies, you may want to opt for a bar of soap. They tend to have fewer ingredients than washes or shower gels, which is just a thinner version of body wash, and they tend to be free of parabens, which have been known to cause allergic reactions. Bar soap also naturally exfoliates while you’d need to use a moisturizing loofah with your body wash or shower gel. Lastly, bar soap tends to have a better portability factor. You’re safe to fly with a bar of soap in a protective case rather than portioning out the exact right size of body wash.

Conversely, bar soap has its drawbacks. If you have extra dry skin you might want to use body wash which contains hydrating ingredients. That being said, there are some bar soaps specially made with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Additionally, some dermatologists might recommend a particular shower gel or body wash if you have a chronic skin condition.

What to Look for in a Bar of Soap

When you’re picking out the best bar soaps for daily use, it’s worth considering a few things.

Scent: Perhaps the most pressing question with a bar of soap. Does it have a smell? Do you want to come out of the shower smelling like fresh pine? Or do you prefer that clean, neutral scent of a fragrance-free soap? And if you have particularly sensitive skin it might be best to go with unscented soap.

Ingredients: You should always check the ingredient list of anything you put on your body. With soap, it’s particularly important as folks can have serious reactions to certain additives and chemicals. Natural ingredients include carrier/natural oils like argan and almond which are moisturizing, essential oils for fragrance, and glycerin for hydration. Be on the lookout for chemicals like parabens and synthetic fragrances as these can cause allergic reactions.

Price: It’s also worth noting the price range of your soap. We’re not suggesting you break the bank on a bar of soap but the dollar soap at the drug store is cheap for a reason. Additionally, there are plenty of moderately priced soaps that are just as effective as the hyped-up soaps selling for twice as much. Find a good bar of soap that works well and you’ll be set.

Skin Type: Lastly, consider your personal skin type. Are you prone to acne? Do you find your skin is dry after showering? Purchase bar soap that is built to handle your specific skin conditions.

Best Overall Bar of Soap


Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar Soap

Dove ranks pretty highly among most dermatologists. Not only are their products reasonably priced, but they also deliver quality results. With a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients, this hydrating bar soap is good for most skin types. The Dove Men+Care body and face bar soap packs in even more softness and has a clean fragrance. While it’s billed as a body and face bar, we’d recommend using a separate product for your face.

Buy Now $9/8-Pack


Duke Cannon Men’s Bar Soap – Fresh Pine

Considering this bar soap from Duke Cannon is about three times the size of most other specialty soaps, it’s quite the bargain. That can be a downside for some folk. It might be a little too big and unwieldy. But, considering it comes highly recommended, is made here in the US, and offers a paraben-free quality wash, consider adding it to your roster. Plus, the fresh pine scent offers a nice post-shower smell.

Buy Now $9


Mistral Men’s Soap – Mezcal Lime

Mistral is also a touch larger than most soaps but should be a little more comfortable to use than the big ass brick of soap from Duke Cannon. Mistral’s bar soap is all-natural and uses grapeseed oil and glycerin for full hydration. Plus, the unique array of scents is a fun touch. We’d recommend checking out the citrus-forward Mezcal Lime bar soap.

Buy Now $15

Best for Sensitive Skin


Naked Bar Soap Co. Oatmeal Honey Bar Soap

Naked Bar Soap Co. has earned a cult following for its hand-crafted bars of soap. All of their products use natural ingredients and offer fantastic results. This bar in particular features a base of saponified olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and shea butter for a soft, smooth, moisturizing soap. The oatmeal and honey offer a pleasant natural scent and a soothing balm for sensitive skin.

Buy Now $9


(Malin+Goetz) Rum Bar Soap

Malin+Goetz has long been trusted for personal hygiene thanks to years of producing high-quality soaps, shampoos, and cleansers. The foaming, triple-milled bar soap is ideal for delicate skin as it offers moisturization and a deep clean. Made with glycerin for added hydration and a rum scent for a pleasant, unique smell, this might become your favorite bar of soap.

Buy Now $16


The Yellow Bird Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap Bar

The gentle and soothing bar soap from Yellow Bird has been praised for delivering an excellent clean. In particular, the peppermint and tea tree bar is suited for sensitive skin thanks to its all-natural ingredients. Plus, tea tree oil is often used as an anti-fungal so it should keep away athlete’s foot, ance, and more.

Buy Now $10

Best for Oily Skin


Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Chemical-free and naturally made, Dr. Squatch has earned a reputation for making quality bar soap. Made with both oatmeal and sand, Dr. Squatch’s soap hydrates and exfoliates. The grippy texture offers a deep clean to exfoliate dead skin cells and pine extract leaves you feeling fresh and woodsy. If you have sensitive skin maybe steer clear but if you have oily or dry skin, this bar of soap is for you.

Buy Now $10


The Rich + Clean No 09 Bar Soap

Brooklyn-based soap brand The Rich + Clean has earned top praises for crafting excellent bars and bottles of soap. While it’s a tad pricey, the effects more than prove their worth. Made with olive, coconut, and palm oil, the Rich + Clean charcoal bar soap is smooth and comfortable. The addition of Japanese peppermint, which is known to decrease oil production, as well as activated charcoal results in a deeper clean. Plus, the essential oil blend of Japanese peppermint, douglas fir needle, tea tree, birch tar keeps you smelling fresh and clean.

Buy Now $12


Naked Bar Soap Co. Charcoal Facial Soap

If you’re prone to acne or have oily skin, turn to the charcoal bar soap from Naked Bar Soap Co. Made with a blend of natural oils as well as activated charcoal, this bar soap cleans deep and effectively. Plus, lavender essential oil leaves a light pleasant scent. While it’s billed as a facial soap, it’s powerful enough to handle a full body wash.

Buy Now $12

Best for Dull Skin


Anthony Exfoliating & Cleansing Bar Soap

For dull skin that needs some exfoliating, this exfoliating bar soap will help. The price is a tad high but the natural ingredients make this soap worth it. Made with a base of shea butter and coconut oil with cucumber extract and Jojoba, the Anthony bar soap will keep your skin soft and fresh. Plus, the exfoliant is gentle enough that it should work on all skin types.

Buy Now $20


Method Men Sea + Surf Bar Soap

Made without parabens or chemicals, this bar soap built for men is an excellent everyday cleanser. The sea and surf scent is crisp and clean plus we love the simple label on Method Men’s box. But the real highlight is the mineral-based cleansers in each bar which keep your skin properly exfoliated. Whether you have dry or dull skin, trust this men’s bar soap to leave you feeling clean and comfortable.

Buy Now $15


Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap

Jack Black is another soap brand that has earned serious acclaim. Effective products and a recognizable label mean that this soap has a passionate following. As it should because this bar scrubbing soap is worth it. Packed with blue lotus and lava rock this bar soap exfoliates like a charm. While the soap is grippy and rugged, you’ll wind up feeling refreshed and baby smooth. Pair the natural exfoliants with Shea and Murumuru butter and you’ll enjoy the soft results of the turbo body bar scrubbing soap.

Buy Now $15

Best for Acne-Prone Skin


111 MedCo 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Bar

While we’d recommend specific face cleansers if you’re looking to tackle acne on your face, the bar soaps in this section can help you keep body acne under control. This 111 MedCo bar soap features benzoyl peroxide which helps unclog pores from deep within the skin removing dirt and oil. Fragrance-, dye-, and paraben-free this benzoyl soap will also keep even the most sensitive skin smooth.

Buy Now $8


MARLOWE. Charcoal Face & Body Soap Bar No. 106

This activated charcoal soap bar is ideal for men prone to acne. Made by beloved brand MARLOWE, this bar soap will clean deeply and effectively. Passionflower fruit, green tea, and willow bark extracts pair perfectly with the charcoal cleanser. Plus, all-natural agarwood and sandalwood leave you smelling clean and fresh.

Buy Now $9


Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body

You might gawk at the price, but this cleansing bar from Clinique is crafted to tackle acne-prone skin. Plus, thanks to its all-natural ingredients, this bar soap will leave your skin soft and smooth. Even the most sensitive skin should be able to handle this cleanser. Use daily to help unclog pores and prevent breakouts. It’s soft enough to handle washing your face but we’d still recommend opting for a separate facial cleanser.

Buy Now $17
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