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The 8 Most Beautiful Coffee Makers We’ve Ever Seen

The 8 Most Beautiful Coffee Makers We’ve Ever Seen

Did you know that 83% of American adults drink coffee or espresso? Whether that coffee is coming from a local shop or the machine in your kitchen, a good cup of coffee comes most frequently from a great machine. 

You need a great coffee maker in your kitchen—especially if you consider yourself a coffee snob. But a great machine doesn’t have to be a countertop eyesore; it can be beautiful

Hearing the espresso pull or the filter drip on these machines is like hearing a Ferrari engine rev. Treat yourself to a Ferrari. These are the most beautiful coffee makers around.


AnZa is the perfect addition to an industrial-chic house or coffee shop. Its fully functional, concrete base is far from the messy drip pots you probably grew up with. This piece looks like a design team carefully, and tediously, ironed out every detail; and that’s probably because one did. Four years ago, Montaag designers set out to “treat an appliance like a work of art—without sacrificing quality.” AnZa is proof of their success. $799

DIY Copper Pour-Over

If you’re really into coffee, you know the process is part of the fun. Using a fancy machine often yields excellent results. But, sometimes a simple, no frills cup of coffee is the best. For this DIY pour-over, let your taste be the most impressive tool in the room—narrowly outshining this copper contraption. $35

Kendal Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is fit for royalty. It doubles as both an artistic ode to royal tea time and a damn-good-cup-of-coffee maker. Guests will be impressed when you actually put it to use and watch frantically as you fiddle with fine art. $110

Ratio Eight

This coffee maker fits perfectly in a modern, white kitchen. It’s a simple, unexpectedly attractive drip machine. The glass basin below will hold eight hot cups of coffee and easily pulls out to pour. If coffee makers were like cars, this would be the Porsche. $595

La Pavoni Professional

Here’s the Bugatti; the Rolex; the Picasso. The La Pavoni Professional is the machine the finest Italian cafes use. We’re talking about the open-for-100-plus-years type places, where the coffee is effortless, beautiful, and the most delicious. $1,499

Breville Nespresso Creatista

Craving simplicity doesn’t mean you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetic. Nespresso took what Keurig made wildly popular and made it their own perfectly designed, just-as-simple machine—one that pours the perfect espresso, with the perfect crema, and a steamer that froths milk automatically. $299

Double Pour Over Coffee Stand

If you’re uninterested in building your own, you can buy your own just as copper, just as cool coffee maker. And, there’s an added bonus: this one brews double. That means two cups—one for you and yours. $120

Ascaso Dream UP V3

Stylistically speaking, this is the perfect blend of ’70s American and old-time Italian. This machine would fit in your Italian grandparents’ kitchen, the Italian roaster down the block, or 70s-inspired kitchen. The hand-crafted wood handles and knobs will last forever—and with proper care, this semi-automatic machine will too. $649

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