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Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket

Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket

Whether you’re concerned about the oncoming apocalypse or just really like the fashion choices of The Walking Dead, Vollebak has you covered. Their new Apocalypse Jacket is engineered to withstand the wear and tear of the end times. Seriously. Built with a blend para-aramid and polybenzimidazole, the exterior of this rugged jacket is virtually fireproof, tear-proof, waterproof, and chemical-proof. Polybenzimidazole (PBI) was created by one Dr. Marvel to be a fiber of exceptional thermal and chemical stability meaning it can take a beating and it won’t stiffen or crack. In fact, PBI can handle temperatures up to 2,370°F – the same temp as black lava.

On the inside, you’ll find an assortment of pockets throughout the jacket to store all of your necessary end-of-the-world gear. Feeling cold? Line your pockets to provide extra levels of insulation while you’re giving chase to zombies. Or whatever the apocalypse might bring.

As with all of Vollebak’s products, the Apocalypse Jackets is a marvel of fashion engineering – combining ridiculous practicality with a sense of style. The Apocalypse Jacket is available for $1,295.

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