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Tom Sachs NikeCraft “General Purpose Shoe” Releases on June 10

Tom Sachs NikeCraft “General Purpose Shoe” Releases on June 10

Tom Sachs managed to create quite the stir on social media with the release announcement of his NikeCraft “General Purpose Shoe.” Billed as a basic sneaker, the General Purpose Shoe (GPS) should be the last thing you think about when building your outfit. It’s remarkably unremarkable. “Boring,” reads the Instagram post.

The shape sports a slightly upturned toe with a three-piece molded cup sole, two straps for pulling the sneakers on, a microfiber collar, and an ultra-breathable knit construction. They’re made to be comfortable and handsome yet not so distracting as to take away from whatever else you’re wearing. There will be multiple color options in the future but the launch model is a muted colorway of tans, creams, and light browns with the only pop of color on the donning straps.

“The GPS is a tool to be the best you,” shared Sachs in the announcement press release. “They have an understated quality. They’re meant to do all the things that you do and tell your story.”

The General Purpose Shoe releases on June 10th at for $110 with both Women’s and Men’s sizes avaialble.