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Selfmade Graham Bell II Sunglasses

Selfmade Graham Bell II Sunglasses

While it might feel tempting, we’d suggest you never skimp on a pair of sunglasses. Sure those plastic $20 gas station shades will get you through a road trip. But, if you want quality and style, you’ll need to spend a little bit. Thankfully Selfmade crafts excellent, durable, handsome sunglasses at reasonable prices. Their latest offering is a redesign of a classic style: the Graham Bell II. You’ll find a solid top-bar bridge and low-profile wide frame for a pair of shades that are simple with just a touch of flair. Handmade in Athens, Greece, the Graham Bell II is available in Rich Black, Matte Asphalt with polarized lens, Walnut Split, and Brick Split. Each pair sports CR39 anti-scratch lenses and ships worldwide for free.

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