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Rowing Blazers x Men in Blazers Collection

Rowing Blazers x Men in Blazers Collection

Preppy fashion brand Rowing Blazers has long embraced influences and collaborations with the world of sports. The NYC-based company has launched basketball, skiing, and rowing capsules that broaden what “preppy” clothing can be. For their latest collection, Rowing Blazers teamed up with the soccer podcast and television show ‘Men in Blazers’ for a limited edition line of apparel and accessories. It’s a partnership that was bound to happen, the hosts of Men in Blazers have long celebrated the more stylish elements of soccer and Rowing Blazers’ sense of whimsy is a great fit for the soccer podcast.

For this limited-edition collection, Rowing Blazers and Men in Blazers co-host Roger Bennett turned to the ‘94 World Cup for inspiration. The result is a throwback line of apparel including a dad hat ($48), white mesh shorts ($98), a necktie (which has already sold out), a crewneck sweatshirt ($195), and more.

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